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Rider Mania Goa November 2017: Last November 17, 18 and 19, the Rider Mania 2017 was held in Goa (India). It is an event created by the biker clubs belonging to the “Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium” ( BOBMC) and Indian Royal Enfield motorcycle owners annual meeting.

Casper Crump attended the event, demonstrating his passion for motorcycles. In fact, he has a proprietary KTM Duke 390, which he takes out for a walk in New Delhi.

This time I leave you some fun videos where you can enjoy their humor and that new look without a beard. These first two recorded them on the way to the concentration of Rider Mania:

This are of Rider Mania Goa November 2017:

Apart from motorcycles and being a great father, the other hobby of Casper Crump is photography. Here are a couple of them as a sample, but remember that if you want to see more, you can do it in your Instagram account: @casper_crump_photography

I remind you that if you want more information or see all the videos that Casper Crump publishes, follow him on Instagram. I’m not going to publish all of those videos, I prefer you to follow him and see him every day. Also in your accounts you have great photos of yours to enjoy.

And if you stayed with more desire of Rider Mania, I leave the Instagram account where they have posted videos and images of the event: @royalenfield

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