My apologies to all



My apologies to all and greetings.

I would like to apologize to everyone for not updating the website as I would like.No, it’s not about not having material to publish, because it comes out of my ears right now.It’s not a lack of time either.Rather it is because of the bad situation that I am currently going through, both professionally (I am simply a security guard), and health.My apologies to all
Both problems have a solution, I do not know if good or bad. Maybe it is what I have the most lying, not knowing.To this I have to add the headaches that I suffer from a little more than a month ago and that are not alleviated with anything. The only way they do not occur is to keep blood sugar at normal levels. Something that is not always possible for me and the headache comes to me for days. Yes, I am diabetic and I am still learning to live with this disease.
I know I should have written all this much earlier, but for those reasons and some more that is not relevant, it has not been possible for me. I only hope to be able to update the site shortly, since, apart from being one of my hobbies, I think I should keep it updated by you, the visitors and by the man to whom this site is dedicated.
Also, it helps me improve my English, which I have the same as a brick and somehow feel closer to someone so far away.

Meanwhile, you can follow him on his Instagram account and on his Youtube Channel #TravellerBehindBars

A hug for all and I hope to update the web shortly.

Veronica RomeroMy apologies to all

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