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About me and the Site

“I met” Casper Crump after seeing him on The Flash series, doing Vandal Savage and captivated me. In Arrow, he conquered me completely.
I started looking for information from him and found that Crump was almost a ghost in the network, as well as repeating role in Legends Of Tomorrow for most of the first season.

So I started looking for information about him in Danish, finding videos on the internet from a 2012 Danish film titled Talenttyven, where he left me with my mouth open because I discovered that Casper Crump is much more than Vandal Savage. (You can see the both videos here.)

That made me think of two things. The first was that he deserved at least one fansite. The second, selfishly and to see him more in a language that can understand him moderately (I can understand English, not very well but Danish nothing), should be able to reach the maximum possible audience so as to be able to give him the support that I think he deserves.

Then I started the web in two languages ​​(Spanish and English), not knowing where I got and where this will end.
I just hope this crazy thing goes well and I can continue to enjoy new Crump works for years.

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