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This time I bring the first live video of Casper Crump on Instagram. It has aired today, November 18, around 13:40 Spanish time. The actor has answered some questions from his fans during the broadcast.

For those who do not know, Casper Crump is now in Goa, at a biker event called Rider Mania.

First live videoThis is his second day there and you can see that he is enjoying the event, the motorcycles, the friends and the photographs he takes and shares with everyone through his Instagram accounts. The live video lasts 8 minutes and almost 20 seconds and is all in English. I was lucky to be able to record it whole and be able to participate in it.

It was strange to see him without his beard, although in Talenttyven I already saw him without it, I do not get used to that change. The truth is that it changes a lot when he shaves. He enjoyed motorcycles and his camera as a small child. I am sure of it.

It’s normal for him to be sweating like that, if I remember correctly, they were at 30ºC  (86ºF) there.

If someone is encouraged to create the subtitles for this video, I will thank you forever. My English level is not good enough to understand everything he says and even less to encourage me to get subtitles for anyone.


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