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New Work

Traveller Behind Bars is the new project of Casper Crump. Is a wonderful vlog about his travels in India, their people, beautiful places and more.

Sometime life takes a turn you didn’t see coming. Usually that scares me but in this case I was intrigued. I was given a chance to do something that most of us only dream about.

This is the beginning of the first of many Casper Crump videos in his new project. I started to follow him shortly before his transfer to India with his family. Thanks to him, I started to know that beautiful country from Spain. Thanks to what he shares from his Instagram account, I’ve also been able to get to know him a bit, as well as some of his hobbies.
That’s why I’m delighted and happy with that project he has in his hands and happy to see his first video. In addition to being a beautiful opportunity to see a new world and meet him hand in hand, we can enjoy “riding” his bike: A nice KTM Duke which accompanies him on some of his trips.

From here I want to wish him good luck in his vlog, which I will follow faithfully. On the web, the banner will be placed permanently on his YouTube channel. If you are his fans go to see his work because I do not think he disappoints. If you like exotic places, it is also your channel. If you like motorcycle routes, I think you should not miss it.

Remember that you have more information about him and his vlog in his Instagram account.

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