Casper Crump: Inauguration of Fansite


Vandal Savage Casper Crump

The beggining.

Today, October 1, 2017, I open this website dedicated to Casper Crump. To his work and effort, to see that he does not fall on deaf ears. This is the result of a bit of a dream. My dream. And no, let no one think badly. This is a selfish act indeed.

Casper Crump has a good base in his country Denmark, but I don’t know Danish. The only way to see and understand him a little is in English, language that I don’t control and I can only say that I must give thanks for knowing how to read it. So, to fully enjoy the work of Casper Crump, I’ve to do it in Spanish.

And here my dream begins.

That this web can be turned into an open window for all. A place where to let you know beyond what we have already seen in Legends of Tomorrow.

Did you know and who knows how to sing and dance? Don’t? I didn’t know it either. And it left me with my mouth open when I saw him do it. I think he’s a man with a lot of talent and a lot to offer. That’s why I’m betting here for him.  You can see him singing and dancing here.

I would also like this website to become a meeting place for all his fans. I know that we are many and different countries. That’s why it’s in two different languages, so that it can reach all corners of the world.

Anyone who comes by and wants to share something about Crump with the rest, just write an email to:

I also want to say that this site is not official and that I only wear it, “another crazy fan” motivated by wanting to continue to see his idol working internationally and enjoy it for years.

Veronica Romero.



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